VIP Visits to Raasay

After an inspiring visit to one of Scotland’s oldest distilleries – Dalmore – hosted by Gerry Tosh, the small group of whisky enthusiasts – Chris van Der Kuyl, Paddy Burns and Kevin Dorren hopped aboard a helicopter for a fantastic journey on to Raasay. What a night we had (more pictures to follow) enjoying deliciousContinue reading “VIP Visits to Raasay”

Hebridean Whisky Trail Coming to Life

As I look back on 2021, which I hope will be known as the last year of the pandemic, it is pleasing to note that we are making good progress in establishing the Hebridean Whisky Trail. The Hebrides, long famous for whiskies, both legal and illegal, is sure to build on it’s long establishedContinue reading “Hebridean Whisky Trail Coming to Life”

The Weekend I visited Raasay to think about a distillery

Jan 11th&12th 2014 Well it was early 2014, and our conversations from the previous year (mainly started and remembered in the 2013 Courchevel Mates Ski Trip) relating to a distillery were progressing on several fronts. Iain Ross, my best mate from school, was sure that he knew ‘the ideal spot for a distillery’. After delayingContinue reading “The Weekend I visited Raasay to think about a distillery”

Roll on the Adlerweg – this is from our last Peaks of the Balkans adventure.

Well things are better this year; I hesitated in posting this post last Christmas Eve as I wasn’t sure (quite rightly) if we (Mike Stewart, Simon and Jeremy Parkes and Calvin Crane) would be doing our normal annual walking week. We were scheduled to do the Adlerweg ( in September 2020 and of course likeContinue reading “Roll on the Adlerweg – this is from our last Peaks of the Balkans adventure.”

Caskshare – The Collective

I’m feeling good today seeing Caskshare come to life – soon to be a new whisky club for the ‘Brewdog Generation’. Unique quality single cask whiskies and other casked spirits available in ‘Caskshares’ for a global audience of spirits and whisky enthusiasts and lovers. Just honing our home page before pre Xmas launch. Join theContinue reading “Caskshare – The Collective”