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Memorable business articles and insights, private investment ideas and thematic investment opportunities debated.

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Past adventures, bucket list walks and tours, and recommended mountain activities and entertainment.

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All that may eventually lead to Art School, and favourite art pieces.

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This section allows me to add interesting news articles and links.

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Tuscan wines, Romanian Cider and Scotch Whisky. Some information from the field.

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Wish I had paid more attention but some memory joggers and useful references to keep in touch.

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Perfect Blend

Edinburgh, London, Skye, South of France, New York and Tuscany – a few spots where I’ve had the time to put this site together.

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I use this space to capture interesting material and record what I am thinking.

Fun in Zermatt - to be continued / completed...

VIP Visits to Raasay

After an inspiring visit to one of Scotland's oldest distilleries - Dalmore - hosted by Gerry Tosh, the small group of whisky enthusiasts - Chris van Der Kuyl, Paddy Burns and Kevin Dorren hopped aboard a helicopter for a fantastic journey on to Raasay. What a night...

The day I visited Raasay thinking about a distillery

Well it was early 2014, and our conversations from the previous year (mainly started and remembered in the 2013 Courchevel Mates Ski Trip) relating to a distillery were progressing on several fronts. Iain Ross, my best mate from school, was sure that he knew 'the...

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